Thursday, July 12, 2018

Action Items - July

Action Items from July Board Meeting

Item DEPT Lead Due date Status Notes
World Cup Contest Pres Danny
Thur 7/12
Complete Danny Contest, Elba Website, Licet Prize
Calendar Recording Elba
Aug 13, 2018

Everyone get your items to Elba ASAP,  also need AM Parish, CCD, NYC DOE, and local school calendars
Calendar Recording Coleen
Aug 31, 2018

Get the Parish calendar from Pat
Close 2017-18 Finance Licet
Jul 31, 2018

Get check writing authority, spreadsheets or other notes from prior treasurer and/or Elba, pay debts, collect outstanding revenue
Uniform Inventory/Return Finance Jennifer 
Jul 31, 2018

John Saffian anf family and Kelley Bacci will help.  Try and make it the same day
Soccer Uniform distribution Finance Jennifer 
Aug 31, 2018

Organize the closet Finance John F
Aug 31, 2018

Organize the container Finance John F

Summer sessions Athletics Danny
Aug 15, 2018

Car Wash Finance Nerisha

Met Game Member Relations Coleen/Eric

Eric brought up something with the Mets.
Gym Permits Athletics Danny
Jul 31, 2018

Contact:  PS 205 and PS 188; PS 46 and 191, PS 33,  others.  Contact Tim Rice to find out the permit process
Next Board Meeting ALL

Monday 8/13

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