Monday, October 7, 2019

Board Meeting - October 7

October 7, 2019
Murray Center

Danny B., Robert P., John L.,  Ileana & Manny M., DJ M., Jennifer V., Connie C., Eric K., Elba R.

Electronic Payments
Connie would like to get started on setting up Venmo/Paypal to being accepting online payments for Registration.  This leads to our next topic of implementing the new website.

Begin the implementation process as soon as a provider is agreed on. Two providers have been researched. 
1. – pricing may be around $300 for Registration website hosting.  Need to get pricing directly from SportsManager. (Manny waiting for a call back)
2. – webhosting is $749, the look of the site is appealing, and features may be more advanced. 
The process of implementing a new website will be gradual, however Connie will setup Venmo/Paypal as soon as possible.  We will use Venmo/Paypal until the implementation of the website is complete.

Registration (executed applications & signed waivers)
Who handles/files/keeps all signed Registration forms?
AMAA has a Registrar position that handles all Registration files and registration event planning. Since the position has remained vacant, Kathleen took responsibility of it, along with her PAR Responsibilities.
In order to keep all paperwork centralized, a filing cabinet will be purchased (Danny B.) and placed in the Sullivan Center’s storage.  – Board voted and approved the purchase.  Y-8/N-0

Jennifer will look over uniforms and get ready for spring. 
Universal Uniforms were discussed.  Participants are wearing mismatched uniforms, for example in Track.  They could be beneficial in that one uniform Jersey can be utilized in different sports.  Universal uniforms would not work for Basketball since they need a number, nor Football.
Jennifer will look into uniform distributors.
The next Uniform Distribution will be on Oct 17 -  PS191 
Elba to send out an email blast announcing the upcoming Uniform Distribution and Halloween Party. 
Connie and/or Ileana suggested selling tickets to the Halloween Party at the Uniform Distribution event as well.

Cash Receipts
Should Coaches carry a receipt book to accept cash payments?
This idea was voted down, coaches do not want to be responsible for accepting payments during practices or games.  Families wishing to pay cash will be directed to either purchase a Money Order or bring the cash directly to the Rectory Office of American Martyrs.

Points reward? No agreement made on implementing a Referral incentive.  The program is not big enough to make this a reality yet.

Grant – Danny will file for the Grant. 
He has all the necessary documentation and payments to proceed with the filing.

Volunteer Fees
Ileana waiting for game schedules to begin setting it up on the SignUp website.
Ileana will work on obtaining Volunteers needed for the Halloween Party:  Friday Night set up will include CCD Youth Group, Adults will be needed to assist in putting the Haunted Tent up. Printable Menu: Elba has put together the “menu”, waiting for Volunteer Coodinator to review and OK.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

American Martyrs Athletic Association September Board Meeting

Date: 9/16/19 
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Murray Center
Attendance: Robert, Manny, Ileana, Coleen, Elba, Connie, Erik, Nerisha, DJ
·      Registration
·      Volunteers
Ideas on streamlining registration. Online payment suggestions keep resurfacing. A discussion needs to happen with Fr. Frank to explain the process and to get approval for implementing.  Online payments will streamline the collection of sports, uniform deposits, and non-volunteer fees.
Connie asks if we can offer pro-rated registration?  If the sports season has begun and the deadline to make changes to the roster has not passed, it would be a good way to lure new families to the program.  This would be for first time registrants only. 
New Sport: $100
Robert and other board members agree that this would be a nice way to get someone new in at the last minute, however, the fees for non-volunteering and uniform deposits will remain the same.
Action Items:
Elba to give Connie access to Gmail and Drive.
Connie will begin working on collections for the 2019/2020 sports season
Coleen & Nerisha will set up a meeting with Fr. Frank to talk to him about allowing AMAA to implement online payments.
Elba will research GoDaddy Online Store features and cost. Paypal for Business. Compare.
Ileana is ready to begin sending emails for volunteer opportunities. Waiting on game schedules to become available to begin setting it up on the SignUp website. 
On game days, a sign in sheet (or other sign in method) will be available for volunteers to Check in and keep track for points allocation.

The idea was discussed that we would begin to sell concessions again at home gym games.  This would be offered as an opportunity to gain volunteer points for anyone willing to go out and purchase the snacks and/or drinks.  They would then submit the receipt(s) for reimbursement.  The volunteer point value is to be determined.  
Virtus Training for Volunteers
1.     Robert has printed flyers to distribute at tomorrow’s soccer practice announcing the upcoming Virtus Training class to be held at American Martyr’s Murray Center on
October 4 – 7:00 p.m.
A discussion was raised on the point value of the Virtus training. Many agreed that the point value should be raised from 50 points to 100 points based on the following:
1.1.  It is a 3-hour training
1.2.  It is only a one time point reward (per family)
1.3.  It will encourage families to get Virtus Certified while earning points.
Vote:  All in favor to raise the Virtus Training value from 50 to 100 points?  7 Yes, 3 No vote  
Action Items:
Nerisha will inquire with Pat about access to the Sullivan Center for “Sitting service” during Virtus training.
Robert will distribute flyers during practice
Ileana/Manny working on a Sign in method for Volunteers
Other business:
Is there a referral incentive? Suggestion on a credit, point or gift card to be given:  $20 credit or 20 pts?  Gift cards?  - this item will be tabled, until the next board meeting.
Bylaws:  Are there bylaws set up for AMAA?
Coleen reminder:  October 26: AMAA Halloween Party
Elba: Edit flyer for Theresa Asche to distribute.

Friday, September 28, 2018

American Martyrs Athletic Association Calendar for 2018 – 2019

American Martyrs Athletic Association Calendar for 2018 – 2019 
(Please visit for most up-to-date calendar and game schedules)  

Date                           Event                                                                                           Comments 
Sat.9/22**                Knights of Columbus Food Collection                                    Stop and Shop, 654 Hillside Ave.  
Sat. 9/23                    Welcome AMAA Parent Meeting                                           SC – following 10:30 mass 
Thurs. 10/4               Basketball/Track Uniform Distribution                                  SC – 5:00 – 7:00 PM 
Sun. 10/14AM          Welcome Back Bagel Breakfast                                               SC – following 10:30 mass 
Sat. 10/20**             Greenway Clean-way Day                                                        working w/ K of C 
Sat. 10/20                 CYO Mass                                                                                     St. Kevin Church - 10:45AM  
Sun.10/21                 AM Blood Drive                                                                         SC 9:15 – 1:45 PM 
Sat. 10/27**             AM Halloween Party                                                                 SC 6:30 – 9:30 PM 
Fri. 11/2**                AMAA Fall Picture Day                                                               SC 6:00 – 9:00 PM 
(soccer, basketball, track, and cheer) 
Sun.11/11                 AM Veteran’s Day Ceremony                                                    AM church - 10:30 mass 
TBD**                        Knights of Columbus Food Collection                                     TBD 
Sat. 12/1**               AM Christmas Fair                                                                      SC  
Sun. 12/2**              AM Christmas Fair                                                                      SC 
Sat. 12/8                    AM Tree Lighting                                                                       AM church – 5:00 mass 
Sat.12/15                  CWV Breakfast w/ Santa                                                           SC 10:00AM – 1:00 PM 
TBD**                        Knights of Columbus Food Collection                                     TBD 
Sat.2/9                      AM Dance *Adults only                                                             SC *working w/ K of C  
and Columbiettes 
Sat. 4/13                   CWV Breakfast w/ Easter Bunny                                               SC 10:00AM – 1:00PM 
TBD**                       Greenway Clean-way Day                                                           working with K of C 
Fri. 5/10**               AMAA Spring Picture Day                                                           SC 6:00 8:00PM 
(volleyball, baseball, softball and flag football) 
Sat. 6/8 **                AMAA Car Wash in AM parking lot 
Thurs. 6/20 TBC      Pesso’s *need handout 
Sat. 6/22**              AMAA Awards Ceremony,                                                            SC 6:00 – 9:00 PM 

Uniform Distributions/Collections and Events will be added throughout the year 
** Volunteers needed 
SC Sullivan Center