Friday, September 28, 2018

American Martyrs Athletic Association Calendar for 2018 – 2019

American Martyrs Athletic Association Calendar for 2018 – 2019 
(Please visit for most up-to-date calendar and game schedules)  

Date                           Event                                                                                           Comments 
Sat.9/22**                Knights of Columbus Food Collection                                    Stop and Shop, 654 Hillside Ave.  
Sat. 9/23                    Welcome AMAA Parent Meeting                                           SC – following 10:30 mass 
Thurs. 10/4               Basketball/Track Uniform Distribution                                  SC – 5:00 – 7:00 PM 
Sun. 10/14AM          Welcome Back Bagel Breakfast                                               SC – following 10:30 mass 
Sat. 10/20**             Greenway Clean-way Day                                                        working w/ K of C 
Sat. 10/20                 CYO Mass                                                                                     St. Kevin Church - 10:45AM  
Sun.10/21                 AM Blood Drive                                                                         SC 9:15 – 1:45 PM 
Sat. 10/27**             AM Halloween Party                                                                 SC 6:30 – 9:30 PM 
Fri. 11/2**                AMAA Fall Picture Day                                                               SC 6:00 – 9:00 PM 
(soccer, basketball, track, and cheer) 
Sun.11/11                 AM Veteran’s Day Ceremony                                                    AM church - 10:30 mass 
TBD**                        Knights of Columbus Food Collection                                     TBD 
Sat. 12/1**               AM Christmas Fair                                                                      SC  
Sun. 12/2**              AM Christmas Fair                                                                      SC 
Sat. 12/8                    AM Tree Lighting                                                                       AM church – 5:00 mass 
Sat.12/15                  CWV Breakfast w/ Santa                                                           SC 10:00AM – 1:00 PM 
TBD**                        Knights of Columbus Food Collection                                     TBD 
Sat.2/9                      AM Dance *Adults only                                                             SC *working w/ K of C  
and Columbiettes 
Sat. 4/13                   CWV Breakfast w/ Easter Bunny                                               SC 10:00AM – 1:00PM 
TBD**                       Greenway Clean-way Day                                                           working with K of C 
Fri. 5/10**               AMAA Spring Picture Day                                                           SC 6:00 8:00PM 
(volleyball, baseball, softball and flag football) 
Sat. 6/8 **                AMAA Car Wash in AM parking lot 
Thurs. 6/20 TBC      Pesso’s *need handout 
Sat. 6/22**              AMAA Awards Ceremony,                                                            SC 6:00 – 9:00 PM 

Uniform Distributions/Collections and Events will be added throughout the year 
** Volunteers needed 
SC Sullivan Center

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

AMAA Board Meeting, August 13, 2018


Danny B., Kathleen F., Fran K., Coleen W., Daniel M., Nerisha M., Erik K., Licet G., Robert P., Manuel M., Iliana V., John S., Elba R.

Meeting began with a prayer by Danny.  


Welcome Robert P, who has accepted the position as Vice President of AMAA


Manuel begins by sharing some brainstorming ideas. Families in our neighborhood will not be affected if we reduce the amount of discounts available.  Allowing more funds to flow into the program and avoid charging for volunteer hours.
Erik & Kathleen mentioned that the discounts are not meant to reduce the pricing for families, but they aid the registration process, as families do react to a Discount to sign up faster. 
The only Discount currently available to all is the Family Discount.

Ileana also brings up the idea to share with families a calendar of events via email, send 2-3 reminders requesting volunteers.  Communicate more and try to avoid asking for money for volunteer hours.

The Volunteering fee has been brought up a few times before and tabled. 
Some coaches push the request.  There are always parents available to volunteer. 

Action Item:  Need a list of Service Opportunities. 
Ileana to send an blast email ASAP - will need current roster (soccer)
The most important volunteer jobs needed to fill are: Clock and Book


Some 2017/2018 outstanding balances are trickling in.  $1,788 left to pay off 2017/18 year.
Almost $5,000 received July/Aug. 2018/19 Registration
Total Revenue $1,600 (last year) + $5,000 (this year) total of $6,833
Balance: $13,600.
Pat has strongly urged to obtain receipts of everything.  Auditors could question items with missing receipts. Licet plans to keep all record in our Google Drive account.

Also, still have not received City Grant nor Uniform Deposits.
As of now, no $ has been spent.

Danny suggests implementing a budge for ADs, including a Wish List of items needed for their sport (new uniforms, equiment). Coaches should not be spending too much $ on their own. 


We have a new Modell's coupon, uploaded to the website, it is good until Oct. 1, 2018.
Another Car Wash has been added to the Church calendar: Sept. 15 - Raindate: Sept. 22
Coleen provided the church event calendar.


A group went to sort/organize the uniforms.  There are some uniforms in storage that are never going to be used. and a ton of shirts that can be donated to make room.

Regarding the Uniform Deposits.  What is the status on returns? Some checks where never cashed.  

Licet will find out from Pat if we can obtain a copy of all the checks deposited throughout the year, to see if any of the checks on hand where deposited or not.

Par Report

Regarding CYO Eligibility, the waiver rules have been modified.  Players can now go to a parish within their Dienery.
Schools afiliations have changed. Divine Wisdom (St. Roberts) is no longer considered in our region.  Divine Wisdom kids (though not a lot) get grandfathered into Martyrs.
St. Kevins is.  This is a positive change, since we can push sports they do not offer.

Gym Time - can we find out if St. Kevin's gym can be used?  
Erik to find out about Volleyball gym time.

New CYO sports:  Lacrosse (fall) and chess.  Neither officially announced yet, until the PAR meeting.  Kathleen to inform us of pricing once it is official.

Sports Updates

Soccer:  2 teams entered. We need more coaches. Season begins Sept. 8
Track: 2 new coaches
Girl Basketball: Begins Oct. 12 and need gym time.
Cheerleading: 5 brand new cheerleaders have signed up.  None of the previous cheerleaders have signed up.  Coach Terri is not returning either.
Gym time: Still need to work on gym time.  Danny B has called the gyms and is considering personally stopping in to speak with the custodian. Fran will also speak with custodian at PS 46 to find out more on gym time.  A new school has opened in the area, PS 376 and will be added to the list of potential gym locations.

Parent Meeting

In the past we have organized a preseason meeting, can we do this again?  It would be beneficial to address the Parents Code of Conduct and other expectations.


Writing a formal Newsletter would be a good idea, maybe there are kids looking to build their resumes, AMAA offers service letters if needed.

Website Updates

Set up a new section on the website for Board & Coaches.  Add the Administrative calendar and important information to assist coaches.

Next Meeting

September 12, 2018 7pm

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Action Items - July

Action Items from July Board Meeting


AMAA Board Meeting, July 9, 2018


Danny Bacci, Kathleen Fortune, Lisa Scotti, John Fratangelo, Colleen Wong, Licet Gaveau, Ileana Villa, Manny Miranda, Eric Keilbach, John Saffian, Robert Panepinto, Kelley Bacci, Elba Rosales-Rice

Danny begins the meeting with a prayer, followed by an introduction.  All in attendance provided a brief introduction.  Danny shares his vision and focus for the board, parents and participants.  Create a balance and focus on all parts of growth.  It is not about winning games. 

AMAA struggled to stay active a few years back, but thanks to individuals who stepped up, it has grown. Now is our chance to keep it going and improve.

Organizational Structure

New structure is broken down by Departments, overseen by the President, except the Financial Department that will be overseen by the Vice President.  The following Departments will be overseen by the President:  Athletics, Enrichment, Member Relations, Record keeping/Communications.  
New structure will be updated on the website by July 31.

Closing 2017/2018

Licet will work with Kathleen on gathering all information related to families with balances, uniform deposit refunds, grants, and balancing the books before September 5, 2018.
Permits must be applied for in August.


Would like to do something related to the World Cup.  
A World Cup game will be generated where participants can predict the outcome of them game, by playing along.  Danny will come up with the questions. Elba will generate the entry form.  The winner will win Tickets to NY Soccer Club game (see Licet for prize tickets)

Regarding soccer teams: Ari's team is folding.  Parents with kids switching from Elementary to Middle School are hesitant on signing kids in sports until they are comfortable with Middle School activities and impact of extra curricular activities, like sports.

St. Anastasias has reached out to AMAA to recruit girls for their soccer team.  It may be beneficial to offer any girl from Coach Ari's team who would like to continue to play.

A potential clinic can be done in August with DJ's team.


So far 65 registered.  Similar to last year, most are returning families.

Volunteers at Venues

It is increasingly difficult to get individuals to volunteer.  
A fee charged for non-volunteerism has been proposed, but not implemented.
Various volunteers are needed at Basketball games, for score book, score board, concessions, admissions. Can we ask other American Martyrs groups for assistance? (Knights, Columbiettes, Kids who need to do service hours for their confirmation)
A nomination to do away with concessions and just have water on hand at games was proposed.  Colleen Wong second, however all in attendance agreed.  Coaches are to advise parents that concessions will no longer be sold at games due to lack of volunteers.


Elba & Kathleen keep the website updated.
Kathleen updates the Game Schedules, Elba keeps everything else updated. 
Game Highlights - an email will be provided to coaches up provide Highlights for the games.  Highlights will be reviewed prior to Publishing on the Highlights page. Photos can also be included in these posts.  Instructions will be provided by July 31, 2018
Elba needs to have the Game schedules in an spreadsheet in order to update to the Google Calendar.
Elba and Kathleen to work on migrating the game schedule from GoDaddy's table format to an embedded spreadsheet. Due August 31, 2018


  • Danny would like to see the AMAA calendar updated with all American Martyrs events. 
  • Colleen will reach out to Pat and obtain the Calendar of recurring events. 
  • On the first day of CCD it would be beneficial to have a Registration person present to distribute flyers or register new participants.
  • Schedule a board meeting monthly - to be held the 2nd Monday of every month.  Preliminary meeting date: Aug. 6 pending.
Open Calendar Items:
Soccer for kids born 2009/2010
Public Schools, other schools in the area entered on our calendar
Car wash (?) - done a few years back and a good fundraising event
CCD/Religious Ed begins

Votes/Decisions made:

1) the proposed new organization structure was approved
2) it was decided that water would be the only concession sold at basketball games this year
3) we will have monthly Board meetings, every 2nd Monday in the Murray Center for now

Note -  we spent a lot of time discussing and brainstorming how to handle adult volunteers but no decision was made