Sunday, February 4, 2018


In Attendance

Tim Rice, Kathleen Fortune, Fred Ma, Danny Bacci, Chiyo Fortuna, Eric Keilbach. Nerisha & Daniel Madrazo, Elba Rosales-Rice, Robert Panepinto, Jacquie Saavedra, Licet Gaveau

August 24, 2017- 7:10 pm - Meeting called to order by Tim Rice  

Meeting started with an opening prayer.

June 29th Meeting Minutes Review
Registration fees redefined with minor changes to pricing.
Volunteer hours/Opt-out fees tabled for now.  Will be revisited in the future.
We will continue to charge Uniform fee.

President's Report
Reminder that we are a Catholic Child Focus programs, objective to teach athletics, learned in a way that all kids benefit, equal play time.  
Licet Gaveau complimented on her hard work in handling the $8,000 grant from the City. This grant goes a long way to securing gyms and expenses. 

P.A.R. Report

Financial Report
Reviewed final numbers at the end of the season as discussed at the last meeting.

Questions & Comments

Next Meeting Dates

    Meeting adjourned at 9:11 p.m.